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New Adopts!

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We have two new adopts sets by our fanteles artists Cedar and Inkcess! Check them out here and here.


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We have some nice quality of life updates! 

  • We have character inventories! You can now attach any pets and accessories to your fanteles! Thanks to Mercury!
  • There's also some more changes on lorekeeper, like inventory stacking and being able to attach items to submissions!
  • We have a prompt to turn passport items in MYO slots. Instead of submiting a claim, you just use this prompt. You can only submit your fantele  for approval via a MYO slot!
  • We also have a prompt to ask any questions or give any suggestions you have! We know how eclipse is awful, so there's another way to avoid it.
  • We now have a schedule pageso you can be prepared for next events and adopts.

Soon to come:

  • More lore! Human(ish) companions that exist in Alana that fanteles can interact with!
  • An adopt set by our fantele artists!
  • Subspecies page, with 4 new subspecies and new exclusive traits!

Magic Event Conclusion

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Pluto is very grateful for all the help he got. So much that they decided to stay on the city! They are opening the first Magic School of the city. Why don’t you check out what you can learn and how to enroll?

The event is now officially over. To claim your prize for completing all 3 prompts, please submit a claim with links to all prompts completed!

Mothly Stock!

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Happy pride month, everybody! To celebrate it, our Pet Shop has some pride ducklings, they will stay in stock until the end of the month!

Welcome Raffle Results!

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The raffle was rolled and Inkcess won a Rare MYO Passport and Howee won the fantele F-031. You can check out the rolled raffle here. Thank you everyone who participated!

Magic Event!

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The Magic Event is officially open! Will you help Pluto? Check out our prompts!

Welcome to Fanteles!

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Fanteles is officially open! To transfer your items and coins (now rebranded Fairy Coins!), please comment on this journal with your site username and we will sort it out! The masterlist is already logged and you should see your fantele under your name!

Remember to go grab your Welcome Box in the Special Shop! Submit a claim with the link of your profile to participate on our Welcome Raffle ! We are raffling the handsome fantele bellow and one Rare MYO Passport! The raffle will be open until June 30th!

You can already participate on the Fantele Activity of this month! Specially extended for a month longer. And an event is coming on May 23rd!

A reminder that we have a discord server where you can talk and share your art and writing!

Thank you for sticking with us and be prepared for much more from us!