Happy Halloween Fanteles!

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Hello hello! Spookie here, wishing you all a Happy Halloween season! Mika asked me to put together a little something to celebrate, so here I am with a little fun for everyone!

Halloween shop

Spookie has opened up a little shop with some new and old halloween themed items! Grab them while you can, this shop will be closing up at the end of November! As far as new items go, we have three new candies, three candy buckets, three capes, and three companions!

438-image.pngRed Licorice439-image.png

Black Cat Candy BucketGhost Candy BucketJack-O-Lantern Candy Bucket

Mermaid CapeVampire CapeWitch Cape

Candy Corn StegoGhost BrontoWitch Rex

Click here to visit the seasonal shop!


Halloween Raffle

Spookie has also rounded up some new friends, and they would love to find a new home this halloween season! There are three adoptables being raffled off, two fanteles and one fainara!


F-074 | F-085 | FR-018
Click the masterlist numbers to see the full traits!

Raffle rules
  • Only registered members of Fanteles may enter
  • Staff members may participate in the raffle
  • Each member can claim One free ticket via Claims, and earn an additional ticket by advertising the site on social media
    • First Time Owners may claim a bonus ticket
    • To claim tickets, please submit a claim, including whether or not you are a FTO, and a link to your add if applicable!
  • The raffle will close on November 6th, 2021, and be drawn the next day
  • Three winners will be drawn, and the winners will be contacted in order of being drawn to choose the character they want
Happy halloween everyone!


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