Site Birthday!

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Our site just turned a year old and to celebrate we're raffling off this adorable fant designed by duskinova !



Tickets can be earned by doing the following:

  • Be a Member
  • Be an FTO
  • Advertise this Event (upto 4 tickets, 1 per site)
  • Draw/write a Gift for another member (Upto 3 tickets)
  • Draw the Raffle Fantele (Upto 3 tickets)

To claim tickets, just submit a claim listing which of the above you've done. The status of the raffle can be viewed here: Site Anniversary Raffle.

For every 10 entries an extra prize will be added and the raffle will be drawn on 15th June!

The birthday pin can be claimed by commentin(or submitting a claim) telling us what you'd like to see next from us! Keep an eye out for a pair of anniversary OTAs.

- Inkcess



oboe Avatar

Oh, I never claimed the anniversary pin either!

I’d love to see even more events and Fainara, now that they exist! I haven’t been too active, but I’d love to try and get into events more.

2021-06-22 11:12:54

Inkcess Avatar

Thank you for your feedback, we have at least one more event planned for this year, hope you enjoy it

2021-08-24 07:07:34

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member

Oooh man I never claimed the anniversary pin!! I would love to see more events and more about fainaras!!! Congrats on the anniversary!!!

2021-06-22 10:20:37

Inkcess Avatar

Thank you for your input Provie that does sound like it would make for a fun read.

2021-08-24 07:06:42

SpicyIsopods Avatar

HOORAY!!! Wow, I can't believe it's been a whole year already!

I would love to see a Fanteles art exchange at some point, personally! I always find those fun, and I don't think we've had one in the time I've been in the group.

2021-05-21 00:34:21

Inkcess Avatar

Thank you for your input, a gift exchange, does in fact sound very fun!
The anniversary pin has been sent your way

2021-05-31 22:24:08

4sparkles Avatar

Hm, maybe more about the world and locations tied into what's going on? I liked how this event was tied to the location to learn about the world, like what the dinosaurs at dino island look like. So, maybe more prompts and events that also tell you a bit about the world? Another example, for the mermay prompt, how does this relate to why Fanteles want to dress up as mermaids, unless it was preferred to leave that up to interpretation.
I'm new to the group so I don't have a lot to go on, but that's my idea!

2021-05-20 05:13:52

Inkcess Avatar

Thank you for your input, we'll see what we can do. The pin has been sent your way

2021-05-31 22:25:30

mewhaku Avatar

Would love to of course always see more lore in general! Love that stuff. You all have a nice build up of it so far. ^^

2021-05-20 04:35:41

Inkcess Avatar

Thank you, we'll see what we can do. The pin has been sent your way

2021-05-31 22:26:44

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