Anniversary Raffle Conclusion and Announcement Roundup!

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The anniversary OTAs have been closed and the xta raffle has been rolled.

120_ThYTACRFCK_WWBU3EXRmXRY7zp_full.png : Congratulations uzkost !!!

The anniversary badges can still be claimed over here , there will be an announcement before it closes.

Staff applications are now closed, please welcome our new Fantele Fairies Provie , Deyan and @SmellyMouse
Meanwhile Cedar will be stepping down as a staff member.

Our Pride shops, run by Deyan's 13 is now open for business and shall remain open even after Pride month ends. All Pride items are 50% off for the duration of June and July!

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Congrats to the winner! And the rest of the new staff!!!

2021-06-22 10:21:57

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