Factions and Official Artist Services!

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 2 years ago by andie

We have a new awesome feature: Factions! Both you and your characters can be part of a faction. Once you’re part of a faction you may get faction standing via participating on the Faction Standing Prompt! You may change factions as many times as you wish, just remember your standing resets to 0 each time!

We now have a mini-clock on each page! No more going back and forth to the welcome page to know which time is on site!

Official Artist Pages are now open! Are you having a hard time designing your fantele or fainara? No worries, some of our OAs offer free MYO help! The services all our OAs offer are MYO help (some free, some only paid), Redesigns and Customs! All the money goes directly to the artists, and helps support our amazing staff!



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