7. Fainaras

Created: 27 February 2021, 09:22:07 PST
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Fainaras are fungi-based creatures of varying sizes. They can only assume one form in their lives, most commonly that of animals, rarely the one of other living beings, and even more rarely the one of non-living things in different shapes. Sometimes it can happen of two Fainaras to be so close that they live together in one body, becoming one.

Animals = Common

Other living beings = Rare

Non-living things =Special

Mixed fungi = Illegal

If a part of a Fainara is destroyed, they only need a piece of their fungus to grow their entire body back. Those that have two fungi in their body need a piece of each fungus to regrow their body again. They can feed on negative emotions, especially loss, regret, and revenge, and transform them in positive emotions like comfort, forgiveness, and peace. They are found anywhere in Alana, especially in places that are hot and humid.

Each month spored Fainaras drop spores that can be nurtured to become new Fainaras. Some Fainaras are born with the ability to produce spores and some aren't, there's no visual telling of this ability, and no way to predict it until the Fainara is fully matured.




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