Site News

Quests are live!

Posted 1 November 2020, 00:00:00 PDT by andie


  • Quests are now are live! Explore different places to win amazing items!
  • You can check out how to participate and the places you can explore in the Quests Page;
  • You can submit to the quest prompts here

Experience points

  • With quests we introduce a new currency: experience points!
  • Can't seem to get lucky with the quest rolls? Quest shop is the answer!
  • Experience points can be spent in this special shop for the items of each exploring quest!
  • The shop is still not whole stocked, check out in a few days for all the stock!
  • Prizes on the special and exclusive tiers are already in stock! That means special TCs and MYOs can already be bought.

Site updates

  • Galleries now have content warnings, thanks to Mercury.
  • Characters now also have gift writing status! Again, thanks to Mercury!

Galleries and Updates

Posted 23 October 2020, 20:10:00 PDT by andie



  • We now have galleries, yessss!!
  • Now every fantele art to count for fairy coins and prompts will need to be uploaded to the site via galleries;
  • Remember that uploadind to a gallery don't submit the art to the specific prompt, you need to manually do it.


World Expansion

  • We have a new section with lore entries about locations, fauna, flora and main events! Check it here;
  • We are slowly adding to it, but some basics are already laid down;
  • You can now choose a home for yourself and your characters (each can have a differente home!). You can choose them from any location under Zones and Cities.

[OPEN]  Fanteles: Summer Desert Flatsales

[Fanteles - OPEN Adopts] Summer Fun


  • We still have 4 open adopts. Check them out!
  • The Subtypes page now have some image for the mermaid fanteles (thank you Inkcess!);
  • There's a new award, for the last event (Magic Event). If you participate in the event, go claim it via the achievements prompt.



  • We have an official release date for quests: November 1st!
  • This will bring us some new achievements related to them!

Achievements And More

Posted 17 October 2020, 09:35:00 PDT by andie

This time we have many exciting news for you!


  • Achievements are live! Check the awards page and read on how to get them;
  • Completing achievements awards you with the respective pin and 1 Reputation Point!

site updates

  • We now have comments, yeah!
  • We also now have a Sales Page, where adopts will be posted from now on.


  • Quests! We are getting closer to be finished with drawing and uploading items. They should go live sometime in November;
  • More lore! More information on special plants and animals natural to Alana!


Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Posted 1 October 2020, 00:00:00 PDT by andie


"Hello, I'm Angelique! And for this Halloween I hide 5 candies around the site. If you can find them all, I will give you a special surprise!"




  1. You must be a member of the fanteles site which means you automatically comply with the Fanteles Terms and Conditions;
  2. You are not required to own a fantele to participate;
  3. Both admins and members may participate;




Angelique has hide 5 candy-related items around the site. Find them all to get a special suprise! You can check how many you have found in here.

This scavenge hunt will run until October 31st at 11:59pm UTC.

Some Updates!

Posted 28 September 2020, 16:19:00 PDT by andie

We got some news for you!

  • MYO Slots are now openeable! You no longer need to submit it to a prompt to transform in a slot, you can do it from your inventory.

Peanuts Shop

  • Peanuts are our premium currency, bought with USD! 1 peanut = 1 USD. You can buy them in the Peanuts Prompt.
  • You can use them in our Peanuts Shop. You can buy MYOs and Traits Changes in there!

Lore Page

  • We now have a Lore Page where you can find all of our pages in one place!
  • As you can see, some pages are not linked yet, it's because they are a work in progress/of future mechanisms!


  • Scavenger Hunt, in October. keep an eye out when the month turns!
  • We are working hard on bringing awards for you all! They should go live some time in October.
  • Quests are also coming! As you may have noticed, many items are being uploaded those past weeks and some more are coming. In preparation for quests, yet to be decided when it will be released.

Site Updates!

Posted 12 September 2020, 16:03:57 PDT by andie

Sorry for the radio silence, life has been hard on 2020. But we have many site updates for you!

Visual Trait List

  • You can check it here.
  • We will be working to fill all the missing images soon!


  • Awards are now a thing!
  • We will soon be releasing some nice awards for you all! And events from now own will also give an award!


  • You can now link profiles to your character profiles.
  • Characters display nice badges with gift art and trading status!


  • There's a new monthly prompt!
  • There will be a mini-event in October! Stay tuned!

New Month!

Posted 1 July 2020, 14:16:30 PDT by admin

July is here and with it a new mothly stock from the Pet Shop. As well as the opening of the Clothing Shop!

New Adopts!

Posted 30 June 2020, 08:46:59 PDT by admin

We have two new adopts sets by our fanteles artists Cedar and Inkcess! Check them out here and here.


Posted 18 June 2020, 00:03:00 PDT by andie

We have some nice quality of life updates! 

  • We have character inventories! You can now attach any pets and accessories to your fanteles! Thanks to Mercury!
  • There's also some more changes on lorekeeper, like inventory stacking and being able to attach items to submissions!
  • We have a prompt to turn passport items in MYO slots. Instead of submiting a claim, you just use this prompt. You can only submit your fantele  for approval via a MYO slot!
  • We also have a prompt to ask any questions or give any suggestions you have! We know how eclipse is awful, so there's another way to avoid it.
  • We now have a schedule pageso you can be prepared for next events and adopts.

Soon to come:

  • More lore! Human(ish) companions that exist in Alana that fanteles can interact with!
  • An adopt set by our fantele artists!
  • Subspecies page, with 4 new subspecies and new exclusive traits!

Magic Event Conclusion

Posted 13 June 2020, 14:09:26 PDT by andie

Pluto is very grateful for all the help he got. So much that they decided to stay on the city! They are opening the first Magic School of the city. Why don’t you check out what you can learn and how to enroll?

The event is now officially over. To claim your prize for completing all 3 prompts, please submit a claim with links to all prompts completed!