Some Updates!

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We got some news for you!

  • MYO Slots are now openeable! You no longer need to submit it to a prompt to transform in a slot, you can do it from your inventory.

Peanuts Shop

  • Peanuts are our premium currency, bought with USD! 1 peanut = 1 USD. You can buy them in the Peanuts Prompt.
  • You can use them in our Peanuts Shop. You can buy MYOs and Traits Changes in there!

Lore Page

  • We now have a Lore Page where you can find all of our pages in one place!
  • As you can see, some pages are not linked yet, it's because they are a work in progress/of future mechanisms!


  • Scavenger Hunt, in October.┬ákeep an eye out when the month turns!
  • We are working hard on bringing awards for you all! They should go live some time in October.
  • Quests are also coming! As you may have noticed, many items are being uploaded those past weeks and some more are coming. In preparation for quests, yet to be decided when it will be released.

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