4. Awards

Created: 16 September 2020, 05:22:28 PDT
Last updated: 3 December 2020, 12:12:26 PST


You can claim your awards by submiting to this prompt with proof of completion!


Events awards are obtained by participating in fanteles official events. Mini-events and scavenger hunts don't have awards.


2020 Magic Event


By completing each achivement you will get the respective award and 1 reputation point. Claim an achievement on the respective prompt. Remember to attach a character to receive your reputation point! Reputation Points can be used to learn special magics and unlock special paths on events!




Own 1 fantele!                 Own 5 fanteles!                 Own 10 fanteles!                 Own 30 fanteles!



               1-image.png                                                                                             29-image.png                                                      

Draw 5 digital pieces                 Draw 5 traditional pieces                 Write 5 pieces of writing                 Write 5 pieces of poetry




Learn the level 4 of one magic                 Learn the level 8 of one magic                 Learn the level 12 of one magic


Learn the level 1 of 1 magic                 Learn the level 1 of 2 magics                 Learn the level 1 of 3 magics                 


Learn the level 1 of 4 magics                 Learn the level 1 of 5 magics


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Draw/write a gift for another member

26-image.png    27-image.png    28-image.png

Once!                             5 times!                             15 times!


                                                   20-image.png                                                    21-image.png

Participate on 1 monthly activity                 Participate on 6 monthly activities                 Participate on 12 monthly activities


Mini-events and scavenger hunts don't count for those awards.

                                                                            16-image.png                         17-image.png                        18-image.png

Participate on 1 event                 Participate on 3 events                 Participate on 5 events

Fairy Coins

30-image.png                            31-image.png                            32-image.png                     33-image.png

Save up 50 fairy coins                 Save up 100 fairy coins                 Save up 200 fairy coins                 Save up 300 fairy coins



Complete 10 Quests

Explore 5 times

36-image.png         37-image.png              38-image.png              39-image.png             40-image.png

Fants                              Glimmer Island                             Jalara City                           Lian Cave                           Mi and Li Islands


Have all the other pins in the exploring section


22-image.png                                                     23-image.png                                                       24-image.png

Complete 1 achievements category                 Complete 2 achievements categories                 Complete 5 achievements categories


Complete 7 achievements categories