4. Awards

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Hello! I'm Evelyn and I take care of giving out pins for milestones you accomplish!

You can claim your awards by submiting to this prompt with proof of completion!


Events awards are obtained by participating in fanteles official events. Mini-events and scavenger hunts don't have awards.

They can be found all in here.


By completing each achivement you will get the respective award and 1 reputation point. Claim an achievement on the respective prompt. Remember to attach a character to receive your reputation point! Reputation Points can be used to learn special magics and unlock special paths on events!




Own 1 fantele!                 Own 5 fanteles!                 Own 10 fanteles!                 Own 30 fanteles!



               1-image.png                                                                                             29-image.png                                                      

Draw 5 digital pieces                 Draw 5 traditional pieces                 Write 5 pieces of writing                 Write 5 pieces of poetry




Learn the level 4 of one magic                 Learn the level 8 of one magic                 Learn the level 12 of one magic


Learn the level 1 of 1 magic                 Learn the level 1 of 2 magics                 Learn the level 1 of 3 magics                 


Learn the level 1 of 4 magics                 Learn the level 1 of 5 magics


Sharing is caring!

Draw/write a gift for another member

26-image.png    27-image.png    28-image.png

Once!                             5 times!                             15 times!


                                                   20-image.png                                                    21-image.png

Participate on 1 monthly activity                 Participate on 6 monthly activities                 Participate on 12 monthly activities


Mini-events and scavenger hunts don't count for those awards.

                                                                            16-image.png                         17-image.png                        18-image.png

Participate on 1 event                 Participate on 3 events                 Participate on 5 events

Fairy Coins

30-image.png                            31-image.png                            32-image.png                     33-image.png

Save up 50 fairy coins                 Save up 100 fairy coins                 Save up 200 fairy coins                 Save up 300 fairy coins



Complete 10 Quests

Explore 5 times

36-image.png         37-image.png              38-image.png              39-image.png             40-image.png

Fants                              Glimmer Island                             Jalara City                           Lian Cave                           Mi and Li Islands


Have all the other pins in the exploring section


22-image.png                                                     23-image.png                                                       24-image.png

Complete 1 achievements category                 Complete 2 achievements categories                 Complete 5 achievements categories


Complete 7 achievements categories