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We have some nice quality of life updates! 

  • We have character inventories! You can now attach any pets and accessories to your fanteles! Thanks to Mercury!
  • There's also some more changes on lorekeeper, like inventory stacking and being able to attach items to submissions!
  • We have a prompt to turn passport items in MYO slots. Instead of submiting a claim, you just use this prompt. You can only submit your fantele  for approval via a MYO slot!
  • We also have a prompt to ask any questions or give any suggestions you have! We know how eclipse is awful, so there's another way to avoid it.
  • We now have a schedule pageso you can be prepared for next events and adopts.

Soon to come:

  • More lore! Human(ish) companions that exist in Alana that fanteles can interact with!
  • An adopt set by our fantele artists!
  • Subspecies page, with 4 new subspecies and new exclusive traits!

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