Quests are live!

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  • Quests are now are live! Explore different places to win amazing items!
  • You can check out how to participate and the places you can explore in the Quests Page;
  • You can submit to the quest prompts here

Experience points

  • With quests we introduce a new currency: experience points!
  • Can't seem to get lucky with the quest rolls? Quest shop is the answer!
  • Experience points can be spent in this special shop for the items of each exploring quest!
  • The shop is still not whole stocked, check out in a few days for all the stock!
  • Prizes on the special and exclusive tiers are already in stock! That means special TCs and MYOs can already be bought.

Site updates

  • Galleries now have content warnings, thanks to Mercury.
  • Characters now also have gift writing status! Again, thanks to Mercury!

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