Standard (Fanteles Subtype)

The most common type of fantele!

Blossom (Fanteles Subtype)

Baby Fanteles, all traits are hidden by flower parts or appear common until they grow up, read more here!


Aquatic (Fanteles Subtype)

Also called mermaid fanteles, this is the more common subtype in Alana. They seem to have an easier time learning water magic.

Defining characteristics: Mermaid tail (any aquatic animal tail), ability to breath underwater without magic

Home location: Felixland’s islands

Exclusive traits: Fin tufts, fancy fin wings, fin wings, belly fin, fin ears

Bug (Fanteles Subtype)

Those fanteles are usually small, and seem to have an easier time learning earth magic.


Defining characteristics: Feelers horns.

Home location: Mi and Li Islands.

Exclusive traits: Butterfly tongue, scorpion tail, bug eyes, bug wings.

Draconic (Fanteles Subtype)

Those fanteles are said to be quite the hermits, and to have an easier time with learning fire magic.

Defining characteristics: Dragon tail.

Home location: Lian Cave.

Exclusive traits: Back spikes, forked tongue, slit pupil, gem ears, gem wings.

Mammoth (Fanteles Subtype)

A sutype of freezing lands.

Animal (Fainaras Subtype)

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