Air Magic

Air Magic (AM)

Displays as: 0 Air Magic
Held by: Characters
Earth Magic

Earth Magic (EM)

Displays as: 0 Earth Magic
Held by: Characters
Energy Magic

Energy Magic (EnM)

Displays as: 0 Energy Magic
Held by: Characters
Event Coins

Event Coins (EC)

Displays as: 0 Event Coins
Held by: Users
Experience Points

Experience Points (Exp)

Displays as: 0 Experience Points
Held by: Users

Faction Standing (Standing)

Displays as: 0 Standing
Held by: Users

Standing in a given faction.

Fairy Coins

Fairy Coins (FC)

Displays as: 0 Fairy Coins
Held by: Users
Fire Magic

Fire Magic (FM)

Displays as: 0 Fire Magic
Held by: Characters

Peanuts (Pn)

Displays as: 0 Peanuts
Held by: Users

Premium currency, bought with USD.

Reputation Points

Reputation Points (RP)

Displays as: 0 Reputation Points
Held by: Characters

Reputation points can allow your fantele to learn exclusive magics. It can be earned at events and quests.

Water Magic

Water Magic (WM)

Displays as: 0 Water Magic
Held by: Characters
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