5. Reproduction and Baby Fanteles (Blossoms)

Created: 1 May 2022, 04:50:19 PDT
Last updated: 26 September 2023, 04:09:46 PDT


Baby fanteles or 'Blossoms' are born from big flowers grown from seeds infused with magic by two or more adult fanteles. When fanteles decide to have a blossom, they pick the seed of a flowering plant and infuse it with magic by touching it with their horns. Depending on the chosen seed, a large flower grows from it in a time frame of a few days to half a year in the most extreme cases.

When a blossom is ready to emerge from their flower, they stick their trunks out of the flower and cry for their parents. A blossom has flower parts sticking onto their body which serves as their main source of energy until their magic and traits develop. Under the flower parts and pollen, their traits appear all common as their magic is mostly undeveloped. Any common traits that may be seen if flower bits fall off early may change when they grow up.

This means that all of a blossom's traits are hidden by either flower parts or common traits. In extremely rare cases a blossom may develop their traits early and display rarer traits(this is exclusive to special adopts.)


Growing up

Once a blossom is ready to grow up, their flower bits dry and fall off and their traits manifest. You may request to have your blossom aged up at any time. Their traits will then be rolled with some chance of traits being inherited from parents.

How to get a Blossom?

You may obtain Blossoms through special raffles and events, as well as buying a breeding from either andie or Provie. Breedings require 1-3 'parent' fantele that either belong to you or you have permission to use!


Blossom Custom Prices:

1 Blossom: 15$
2 Blossoms: 25$