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Getting through the winter is always something to celebrate, and on Alana Fanteles always get excited with the coming of spring and the warmer weather (well, maybe not all fanteles, mammoth fanteles might prefer the winter...). During this time of year, Fanteles across the continent celebrate new life, both in the form of spring flowers, and life of thier own...

Event rules
  1. Only registered members of Fanteles may participate in this event, and all members agree to follow our terms of service upon registration.
  2. Members don't need to own a Fantele to participate, you may participate using Fainara characters, or by drawing one of our NPCs or another member's Fantele/Fainara (with permission!)
  3. All art/writing prompt submissions must be submitted to the Festival of Life 2022 Gallery Folder and to the Festival of Life Prompt
  4. For the prompts, the minimum for art is a colored bust and for writing the minimum is 300 words
  5. The Festival of Life Event will run until June 7th at Midnight site time
event activities

Scavenger Hunt - Spring is in the air, and as part of the Festival of Life some fun spring items have been hidden around our site! There are six fun new items to collect, hidden around the site, simply click them to claim! Some things to note:

  • Hidden items can be found throughout the site, but will not be hidden on character masterlist entries, on member profiles, or on gallery entries!
  • Do not share the locations or links to any of the items with others, or give hints to others. This is considered cheating, anyone found doing so will recieve a warning
  • Please be respectful of other people's experiences when discussing the scavenger hunt, including discussing how "hard" or "easy" a location may be, since everyone will have a different experience!
  • Members will get 10 event points per item found, these points can be obtainted via Claims, simply submit a claim stating how many you found and staff will verify on the back end
  • There will be a special bonus for those who find all six items,  a raffle ticket for our Festival of Life Raffle!

Here are the items you are hunting for:



Happy Hunting! (check your hunt progress HERE!)

Prompts - To celebrate the Festival of Life, there are a few art prompts that members can complete to join the fun! Each prompt will award event points at the same rate as Fairy Coins. The prompts are as follows:

  • Depict your fantele/fainara searching for the perfect flower to infuse with magic for the festival
  • Depict your fantele/fainara making a flower crown or other flower craft for the festival

Celebration Collab - details coming soon!

Festival of Life Raffle - We have a special raffle to celebrate the Festival of Life (and the Anniversary of Fanteles as well!), prizes will be revealed at the end of the event, but members may earn tickets by:

  • All members recieve 1 ticket for free, which can be claimed via claims
  • Members may earn  up to 3 tickets for advertising the event via social media (1 ticket per social media type), these tickets can all be claimed via claims
  • Members can earn 1 ticket for finding all the Scavenger Hunt items, which can be claimed via claims (just state you have found all 6 items and staff will verify on the back end)
  • Members can earn 1 ticket for completing thier first art prompt for the event, which will be awarded when submitting a prompt

Click here to view the Scavenger Hunt Page

Click here to view the Prompt

Click here to view the Event Gallery

Click here for the Event Shop


If you have any questions, please comment on this news post or post in #ask-admins in our Discord Server!


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