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These two are OTA with a buyout in USD to be paid via paypal. Offers will close February 1, 2021 and a deciison will be made within a week of that date.

USD, Art, and Characters are all valid offers.

Bullet; Green = Common
Bullet; Pink = Rare
Bullet; Purple = Special
Bullet; Red = Accessory

Bullet; Green 1. Campfire  (Owned by: Oboe)

Bullet; Green Standard Ears Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Standard Wings Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Standard Horns Bullet; Green
Bullet; Green Lion Tail Bullet; Green

Bullet; Pink 2. Poolside Punch ($15 USD buyout)

Bullet; Pink Cat Ears Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink Pixie Wings Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink Big Horns Bullet; Pink
Bullet; Pink Orb Tail Bullet; Pink

By purchasing a fantele adopt, you automatically agree to the Fanteles Terms and Conditions
Serious offers only please! USD Payment via PayPal

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Oboe purchased Campfire via $10 buyout on Deviantart

2021-01-17 13:04:01 (Edited 2021-06-05 17:30:40)

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