Giveway and Events Extensions

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Hello, everyone! To try to bring back some life in Fanteles, we are doing a raffle! And extending the past events, as no one participated on them! And getting two new dailies!

Thumbnail of FR-021 Thumbnail of FR-008 Thumbnail of F-091 Thumbnail of F-098 Thumbnail of FR-006

Everyone gets 1 Free Raffle ticket.

First Time Owners (FTOs) will get +2 raffle tickets.

Participating in any of the current events, you can get +1 raffle ticket, for a total of +10 raffle tickets.

Send a claim to claim tickets!

The following events will be extended until March 31st:

Zoic Research Event

Alien Visitation Event

There's two new dailies as well!

The Bank, where you can get a random number of fairy coins everyday.

The Lake, where you can get a random related item everyday.

To celebrate even more, all of the adopts in Multitudes Orphanage have been halfed in price!



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