Alien Species?? New Event!

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BZRRR “One, two, three, testing!” BZRRR “Can you hear me?”



“I’m Superstar, captain of this ship. We are having ship troubles, is there anyone here to help us? We are doing an emergency landing at what your maps call [Bix Island]. If you can help us, please come here!”


Event rules
  1. Only registered members of Fanteles may participate in this event, and all members agree to follow our terms of service upon registration.
  2. Members don't need to own any of the group’s species, you may participate using by drawing one of our NPCs or another member's Alanamultiverse species (with permission!)
  3. All art/writing prompt submissions must be submitted to the Alien Visitation 2024 Gallery Folder and to the Alien Visitation Prompt
  4. For the prompts, the minimum for art is a colored bust and for writing the minimum is 300 words
      1. Collaborations are allowed, but reminder that each collaborator must submit to the prompt in order to receive their rewards.
event activities


A new species landed on Alana, they are called axydogs! This is a MYO Event, everyone will get a free axydog MYO! And for the chance to win axydog meteorites (axydog MYOs) and other special items, you may participate on our Alien Visitation prompt! To participate on the prompt, show off your character interacting with an axydog or show off your axydog interacting with an Alanian species! What will they do? Will they treat axydogs as friends or foes? Will they help to fix the ship? Let us know!

To read more about axydogs check out this wiki page.


Axydogs traits/rarities



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