Hiatus End + Raffle

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And we are BACK! Hello, my darlings, after much consideration and work, we are once again an active group, with many things yet to come! We are very sorry for the hiatus time, however my life has been very busy since last year and I had a hard time reconciling real life and fanteles, so this time was needed to create a buffer for this year!

We are also re-introducing the Human(ish) Companions! They are human-like characters that may accompany your fanteles or fainaras (now also called Alanamultiverse species), now they will have a masterlist sublist for them, and you will receive fairy coins for including them in your art and writing submissions! To read more about them, check out this wiki page.

And more exciting news! The Multitudes Orphanage is now open! You can surrender your unwanted characters here and receive fairy coins for it, as well as adopt other people's characters using fairy coins.

To celebrate and to thank you for your patience, we will host a raffle from now up to March 1st, of the following characters: FR-026, F-096, F-095, F-091, FR-008, F-097.


That is: 1 blossom, 3 illegal fanteles, 1 mixed fungi fainara and 1 common fainara.


Everyone can enter with One Ticket, receiving one additional ticket for sharing this raffle in a different platform (up to +2 tickets), and an extra ticket if you’re a FTO and state so in your claim! For a total of 4 tickets! To participate, please submit a claim with the raffle tickets you wish to claim!

In a couple months we will start with our first event of the year: the Purple Moon Week! We will bring to you some more lore, two whole pins and some sweet items! Have a nice day and see you in soon!



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