Happy 2022!

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HAPPY 2022!


To kick off the year in a good note, we are raffling 3 fainaras, all of special rarity and spored!  This was a collab between andie and Inkcess. So we present to you those 3 amazing fainaras: Toadstool Rubber Ducky, Moss Mouse Plush and Cup of Shrooms!

You have 5 whole ways to get tickets, as follow:

  1. Say something you have accomplished this past year! It's always important to look back and see how far we have gone!
  2. Say something you're hopeful for 2022. Do you have any goals you intend to meet? Or perhaps something cool you're hoping to happen?
  3. Say something nice/compliment any user from fanteles! You, users, make this site possible and this group as wonderful as it is! So let's celebrate this important piece: the users!
  4. Say something nice about the group, something you enjoy, or something you're hoping to happen group-wise this next year! We want to hear your feedback and make this year better for everyone!
  5. Be a Fainara FTO! If you have no fainaras (you can have fanteles, no problem!), you get an extra ticket!


Just comment on this news to claim tickets! Please remember to state in your comment to which fainara you want your tickets to go for!  You can mix-and-match the tickets or dunk everything in one raffle, just let us know.

Feel free to comment as many times as necessary, but please avoid editing your comments!


We will also have extra prizes, rolled from the whole tickets pool, for total of tickets accomplished. As follow:

10 total tickets - Common Fainara MYO

<a href=

20 total tickets - Rare Fainara MYO


40 total tickets - Spore Potion


DEADLINE will be January 15th, midnight site time!
Happy New Year and an amazing 2022 from the whole staff to you!


wanderandfriend Avatar
Say something you have accomplished this past year: I started drawing again! I had been drawing off and on once or twice per year, to I've done so much within the past 3 months of 2021!! So am really proud!! Say something you're hopeful for 2022.: I am hoping to get more confident in my art skills, as well as writing so I can do more with my characters without being so nervous. Say something nice/compliment any user from fanteles: I love seeing Andie's designs so much :D they are wonderful and sweet Say something nice about the group: I really love seeing how creative everyone's designs are and seeing the different art styles :DD only thing for me is little over whelming is lack of optional base since im no confident in my ablity to draw characters yet. Or for experienting with design ideas. Be a Fainara FTO! - I am atm I think since art trade I was doing for one isnt done yet (I still need to finish the lineart), if this doesnt count let me know, no worries.

2022-01-14 16:22:14

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member
Thank you for your kind words! We will keep your feeback in mind! Your 5 tickets were added to the raffle!

2022-01-15 07:50:06

wanderandfriend Avatar
Oops forgot to say which one I want my tickets towards, I would like to put my tickets towards the purple moss mouse!

2022-01-14 16:23:25

mewhaku Avatar
1. I moved out of my old place! Which trust me that was an accomplishment... XD;; one of many, but I'm really happy we got it done! 2. I am hopeful to refinance some stuff that's been bringing me down lately, and to not worry so much about said finances! 3. I'd love to say that Inkcess is a super sweet soul I am always happy and thankful to talk to. You make me smile! 4. I love the chill atmosphere here, its nice to ease in and out as I have time- I hope that you all can expand this year in terms of members, and I'd second a more dino-Fainara suggestion! Maybe a return to Dino Island? 5. I am not a Fainara FTO! I'd love my tickets to go to Cup of Shroms. (3) Thank you!

2022-01-02 12:18:45

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member
Thank you for your kind words! We will keep your feeback in mind! Your tickets were added to the raffle!

2022-01-03 05:08:19

mewhaku Avatar
Thank you!

2022-01-03 10:54:44

Howee Avatar
1. Something I've accomplished - getting into Uni and actually making close friends is something younger me wouldn't have believed. It might seem small but it's very important to me :) 2. I hope this year, the covid situation will get better. I miss volunteering and I miss the choice of going outside. And i wish to no longer have to worry about the well being of those i care about 3. Honestly, everyone here is great? Especially the admins. The latest art exchange event was an amazing idea. I would personally like to thank Inkcess, not just for being an amazing admin and artist, but also for being a great friend <3 4. I really enjoy this group. The fanteles and fainaras are so cute and i really enjoying creating these little creatures. The admin team is doing a wonderful job as well! 5. Doooo I count as a Fainara FTO if i have a slot but i have no Fainara? I'd like two of the tickets to be for the rubber ducky and 2 (or 3 if i count for the 5th point) for the moss mouse plush!

2022-01-02 10:38:45

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member
Thank you for your kind words! We will keep your feeback in mind! Your tickets were added to the raffle! You do count as a fainara FTO!

2022-01-03 05:07:17

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member
Happy new year!!!! accomplishment: this past year i have accomplished a lot art wise! ive made a lot of updated to puppillars, drawn a lot in general, and gotten better about posting art on my twitter! something i'm hopeful for: i have a few projects i havent made the time for on puppillars and im excited to put a focus on them!! compliment for another user: i always get so excited to chat in the discord, the active users there are always so fun to talk to! Rui (aka xzephyrmistx) is super fun to chat with and its been amazing to get to know them better!!! something nice about the group: honestly i have been loving fainaras, its so fun to have a species that can be so variable and let me live my obscure animal character dreams!! i wanted an elephant shrew character for a long time... so happy to have a place for one! thanks for the raffle!!! i'll just dunk my tickets in the any pile

2022-01-02 10:30:09 (Edited 2022-01-02 10:31:17)

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member
Thank you for your kind words! We will keep your feeback in mind! Please decide where you want your tickets to go, as there's no any pile, since there's different raffles for each fainara! Thank you!

2022-01-03 05:02:57

Provie Avatar
Provie Staff Member
oh sdhfj i misread, can i have mine in cup of shrooms please?

2022-01-03 16:35:12

oboe Avatar
1. Something I accomplished this past year was getting a new job! It is part-time only (which is exactly what I needed), and allows me to help people -- which is something I always want to do, when I can. 2. I hope to have better health - mental and physical - in 2022! 3. Everyone in this group is so wonderful... But I would especially like to post a thank-you to Provie for hosting a free raffle in the Discord, for members to get their very own MYO items! 4. While I'm less active here, I always enjoy how easy it is to come back and enjoy things again, and that my characters will always be here waiting for me when I return. I'd love to see more dinosaur Fainara (whether my own or from other users!) as well as interesting designs in general. I hope to participate in more plots/events this year, and to draw my characters more! 5. I only own Fanteles, and don't have a Fainara yet! I'd like all my tickets to go to the Toadstool Rubber Ducky, please!

2022-01-02 10:00:08

andie Avatar
andie Staff Member
Thank you for your kind words! We will keep your feeback in mind! Your tickets were added to the raffle!

2022-01-02 12:59:53

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