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**Offer Here for Horned Puffin**

2021-09-18 06:29:05

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Howdy Nuri! I’m here to offer because oh my gosh,, This Horned Puffin Fanteles has stolen my heart. I’d be willing to offer x2 icons, x2 chibis (I can do two characters in one Chibi if you’d like, or just two separate Chibis), and either x1 Custom or x1 Full body for them! It’d likely take me at least a week to finish it all, but it’s possible it could take a bit longer depending on what happens medically (I’ve got multiple doctors I’m seeing right now so I may have sudden appointments made out of the blue. I mentioned some reasons why in mothchat earlier.) However, I’ve been cranking art out a LOT as of late. I can definitely keep you up to date in DMs if need be, and if you’ve got any questions feel free to ask me there as well! I can draw anything but humanoids/humans. This means I’d be open to drawing closed species as well! (A couple things I’d like to note: I’m still studying anthros so I struggle with them a bit but I’m not opposed to drawing them! I’m also still practicing birds but it’s mainly their feet I struggle with, beaks and wings/feathers are no problem for me. I want more practice with their feet however so I wouldn’t be opposed to drawing them as long as you’d be okay with knowing I’m still practicing!), and I would also be open to customs as well if you’d be interested! My art examples can be found here (this is my commissions, but I think it helps with giving you an idea of what types of art I’m offering as well as examples of those said types): Designs I’ve made can be found here: Also I’m willing to haggle art wise if you see any specific art type on my commissions list that you’d like to have instead!

2021-09-20 06:19:25 (Edited 2021-09-20 06:28:39)

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I'd like to accept this offer! I'll DM you on Discord to discuss specifics.

2021-09-27 12:31:49