Looking for some extra motivation to do some work on your fanteles characters? This challenge has 10 prompts to supercharge your ideas and get those characters down on profiles! 


- For this challenge, you must complete all the prompts with a single character
- You may complete profile work on the site itself, via the masterlist, or on an external site such as toyhouse. Any external links must be visible to the staff for assessment
- Some prompts specify art or writing but for prompts that don't specify, you may choose art or writing as a medium
- You may complete the challenge prompts in any order, and there is no deadline to complete this challenge
  • Prompts
    • Character Profile
      Create a short general depiction of your character, a summary of your character at a glance. Minimum of one paragraph.
    • Likes and Dislikes
      Create a likes and dislikes list for your character, with 10 like and 10 dislikes
    • Profile Icon
      Create a simple a profile icon for your character, minimum of a colored headshot. For an optional challenge, make it fit certain dimensions such as 100 by 100
    • Character Relationship
      Write a short profile blurb between your character and another character. The other character can be one of yours, one of another members (with permission!) or of a character that exists in their story but not on site (such as a parent).
    • A day in the life
      Depict a day in your character's life. Some things to consider are, on an average day, what is your character up to? Do they have a routine?
    • Occupation or Hobby
      Depict your character's occupation or hobby. Some things to consider are, why did they choose what they chose? Are they skilled at whatever it is?
    • Inventory/Favorite Items
      Depict three items/objects that are meaningful to your character. These do not have to be official items or present in the character's on-site inventory, but you may take inspiration from on site items.
    • Character Backstory
      Depict the backstory of your character, or a chapter from a backstory. Some things to consider are, where were they born? What was their childhood like? Who or what influenced them growing up?
    • Reference Sheet
      Create a reference sheet for your character, with a minimum of a fullbody artwork, and whatever extras you like, such as color palates, illustrating a feature in extra detail, written design notes, etc
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