[Closed] Anniversary OTA

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[NEW!] Three new friendly Fanteles have appeared and are open for adoption!

(adopt designs by duskinova)

1. Soft Fawn - CLOSED

2. Pastel Funk - CLOSED

3. Springtime Frog - CLOSED

Preferences: Paypal (No min) > Art > Designs


Two new Fantele friends are looking for new homes:


1. Rainbowfant - CLOSED

2. Dragonboat - CLOSED

Preferences: Paypal(min. 20$) = Art > designs > Arpg 


Offers will be chosen on the same day as the anniversary raffle is rolled - 15th June!

By purchasing a fantele adopt, you automatically agree to the Fanteles Terms and Conditions


uzkost Avatar
omg theyre both so cute ;w;!! i'd love to offer two feral fullbodies of art for rainbowfant !! examples here: https://toyhou.se/mappy/art

2021-05-20 03:15:41 (Edited 2021-06-05 17:30:40)

Inkcess Avatar
Thank you for offering, but I've decided to go with another offer

2021-06-16 01:25:42

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