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2024 Alien Visitation

Category: Events
Ends: 31 March 2024, 23:59:59 PDT (1 month from now)


Superstar’s ship has broken down on Alana! Superstar is part of a never seen before species: axydogs!



Event Rules


  1. You must be a member of the fanteles site which means you automatically comply with the Fanteles Terms and Conditions
  2. You are not required to own an Alanamultiverse species to participate.
  3. Both admins and members may participate.
  4. Collabs are allowed;
  5. Entries must be at least one colored full body (at least 75% of the character showing) or 500 words long;
  6. Entries should be unique for this;
  7. Submit all entries to the site.



Will you respond to Superstar’s call? This event will run from January 1st to January 31st, this will be the only prompt for this event! Every entry will roll a table with special prizes, including axydogs MYOs!

 This is a company prompt for the Alien Visitation Event, which includes a free axydog MYO at the Special Shop!




This prompt will run from January 1st to January 31st. Draw or write about an Alanian species interacting with an axydog! What will they do? Will they treat axydogs as friends or foes? Will they help to fix the ship? Let us know!


Reward Amount
Alien Visitation Event 0

Stat & Level Rewards

200 user EXP
0 user points
No character rewards.

2023 Zoic Research

Category: Events
Ends: 31 March 2024, 23:59:59 PDT (1 month from now)


Event Activities

This event will function in a different way than usual, there will be routes you can follow. Every week there will be a new prompt to continue on your chosen route, to a total of 3 prompts per route. The former prompts will be open until the end of the event, on November 30th. You may choose to follow different routes, but you need to do the previous prompts of the routes you choose. That means, if you choose route A in week 1’s prompt and want to choose route B in the next week’s prompt, you will need to do the prompt of route B for week 1.


Each prompt completed will grant 10 event points, to be spent in the Zoic’s gift shop. The last prompts of each route will also have a special prize attached to them!


The routes are as follow:


Week 1

How will you enter Zoic Island, with its tight security?


Route A - You decide to enter in a legal way, by requesting a researcher badge from Kyle.

Requisite: 1 Reputation Point owned by the chosen character.


Route B - You decide to sneak in. You’re sure that with your sneaking skills, the security system will be nothing to you!

Requisite: None


Route C - You decide to bribe someone to let you in. You do have the cash, so why not?

Requisite: 30 fairy coins


Week 2

You got in! Now, what will you do there?


Route A - You try to find out what you can from the meteorites OR You decide to talk more to Kyle

Requisite: Week 1 Route A


Route B - The guards almost got you! Time to lay low, what will your character do to pass the time?

Requisite: Week 1 Route B


Route C - You were let in with a fake research badge. As long as no one looks too intently it’s similar to the real thing. You try to explore the other rooms, so as to not call much attention.

Requisite: Week 1 Route C


Week 3

There’s something weird going on here.


Route A - You discover something truly amazing: signs that a sapient species sent the meteorite. But you’re required to leave any proof of it on the island. What will your character do?

Requisite: Week 2 Route A


Route B - You overhear something truly strange: someone is talking about a sapient alien species. How will your character react to it? Will they let their guard down and be caught sneaking in?

Requisite: Week 2 Route B


Route C - Wow! You saw it: a picture of an alien species, somehow associated with the meteorites. Well, you kinda saw it, the room was dark and you were in a hurry. How did your character picture the aliens?

Requisite: Week 2 Route C


Reward Amount
Event Coins 0

Stat & Level Rewards

200 user EXP
0 user points
No character rewards.
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