2. Jadesper

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Jadesper is the biggest continent in Alana. This continent is divided in zones, with different political regimes in each. Fanteles are found in every zone. The zones hardly overlap, and most have a magical source maintaining the zone’s biome.



Desert Zone


Water is rare there, and fanteles that know how to locate water are very sought after. This zone is hot in the day and cold at night. Just a few tribes live in the Desert Zone. The most prominent city is Musmus. It’s said that the tribes there are close descendents of draconics fanteles from Lian Cave.



A big market city. You can find almost anything in the numerous shops there. But be careful, some parts of the markets shouldn’t be trusted. Many people go there to buy illegal items from shady shops.


Deep Forest


The Deep Forest Zone is a very active zone, full of life and cute critters.It includes the famous Lian Cave, home of the reserved draconic fanteles. The most prominent cities include Dat, Det, Dit, Dot, Dut, Pensil and Poly. The zone is considered a monarchy.

Tundra Zone


There’s very few settlements in this zone. This zone is home to mammoths fanteles. Includes the islands Fants, Liks and Nuuau.


Rain Forest


Like the deep forest zone, this zone is very active. While the deep forest zone’s citizens prefer to build around the trees, including them, the rainforest zone’s citizens devastated the trees to build cities in they place. It includes the cities Beak and Squiden.




This zone is a big favorit of earth magic users. Many cities are entirely done using earth magic. It includes the famous Li and Mi islands, home of the bug fanteles. Other important cities include Hook, Sufu Dum, Enji, Coco, Sino, Mint and Pase.




This zone is hot and dry. Many fire magic users choose to go this zone to learn magic, as it’s easier to start fires on this zone. The main cities include Hotim, Dim, Bump, Minevu.




This zone is cold and few people live in this zone. The most prominent cities include Bemn, and Rosa.



Incorporates earth magic in its construction.



A former fortified castle turned into a city.




This zone is almost whole flooded, being home of powerful water magic users.The main cities include Lazar, Ef Jim, and Trime Islands (Left, Center and Right Trime).

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