5. Felixland

Created: 25 May 2020, 18:16:36 PDT
Last updated: 1 November 2020, 11:26:49 PST



Felixland was named after the person that discovered this land: king Felix. He was a powerful phoenix that ruled with an iron grip. Now old and barely fit to govern, he is nothing more than a figure for the people. The islands around Felixland are mainly governed by pirates or their descendents. As much as the islands are part of Felixland, the prime-minister has no power over them.



Tail island is known for their big waves, and beautiful beaches. It’s a touristic island, very frequent visited for couples on honeymoon.



This island got its name for the many buried treasures that can be found in its beaches. It is frequently visit by pirates.


Small Gici and Big Gici

Small Gici is well known for its healing thermal pools. This island is frequently visit by water and energy users, wanting to study the property of the water there. Big Gici, in the other hand, is well known for its volcanic activity, being frequently visited by fire magic users.


Dino Island

This island is private, having heavy security to avoid pirates. It’s a thematic island, having amusement parks featuring dinosaurs related attractions.



It is said that Luna, goddess of the moon, came down to this island and blessed its inhabitants with the power to turn into wolves. Since then, many loups de lune (wolf transmorphers) and werewolves visit the island to pray for Luna.



Right on it’s center there is a big crater, where an asteroid landed so many years ago. Some say this site still has asteroid pieces and magical properties. You need a special authorization to enter this island and study anything to do with the asteroid. Unless you can pay enough to bribe the guards.

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