1. Purple Moon

Created: 8 February 2023, 04:15:14 PST
Last updated: 8 February 2023, 04:15:34 PST


Every year there’s a change on the moon, where it becomes tinted with a purple hue. When this happens, loups de lune feel a surge of strength, and consider it as if it’s a blessing from Luna, their goddess.


To celebrate this, they have created a holiday: the Purple Moon Week. While some may celebrate it only in the week the purple moon happens, many, specially elders, celebrate the whole month. This holiday is typically spent in the Lunar Island, where it’s believed to be the place where loups de lune came from, to better celebrate their heritage. This is considered a community-driven holiday, and it’s expected that loups de lune and their family and friends participate with them. Though some tourists may also travel to see in person the festivities.


There’s several ways to celebrate, the following ones being the most common of them:

  • Show off your inner werewolf and howl to the purple moon. Usually there’s a communal howling at night. It’s believed that the louder the better, as to be easier to reach Luna’s ears.


  • Prepare and/or eat a lunar wolf biscuit. Lunar wolf biscuits are the principal dish on the holiday, they can be made in many ways, as long as they resemble a biscuit in the form of a wolf and/or a moon. The more typical ones are plain or with chocolate chips, but some like to show off their baking talent via a big array of options. Popular options include gluten-free, lactose-free, and jelly biscuits. Those are very popular with the kids and cookie-lovers. 


  • Spending time with a loup de lune relative or friend. Be it brushing their fur, talking or just sharing space with them, it’s considered the most important part of the holiday: to honor Luna via their bonds with others.


  • Hearing one of the elders tell tales about famous loups de lune. The tales usually try to show off attributes considered important to loups de lune, including but not limited to bravery, cunning, strength and intellect.


  • Honor Luna by cheering or participating in a werewolf battle-dance. In the olden days, it used to be a real battle of strength, to both honor Lunar and to settle personal disputes. Usually done between werewolves, with hardly any other type of loup de lune participating. Nowadays it’s called a battle-dance, the dancers are painted with moon and star motifs and have a flag tied in their left arm. The objective is to steal someone’s flag with dance and fake battle moves, without touching the opponent. It’s a game of agility and cunning, it’s prohibited to use strength to win. If touching between opponents happens, the game is restarted. The only way to win is via stealing the opponent's flag. Anyone can participate, and it’s encouraged for family and friends of loups de lune to do so, as to show they respect the loup de lune’s heritage.