[Gift] [AF 2021] Hearth and Wick

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[Gift] [AF 2021] Hearth and Wick
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I hope you like it! They were fun to draw, though I must admit that Wick’s thin legs and semi-chunky hooves were a bit difficult for me since a lot of the legs I draw are usually thicker lol. I think it turned out well though!

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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

YEEEEEE thank you again for drawing these two, they both look SO GOOD in your style!!! I feel you on the super-thin legs front, because I also default to drawing chunkier critters when possible, but you did an AMAZING job in the end! I also love how you drew Hearth's shaggy mammoth floof and iridescence and Wick's fungus-horns and tiny little tail!!! And that background is GORGEOUS, I especially love how you stylized the grass and the crater splotches on the moon! Gosh, everything about this is so lovely and I adore it!!! <333

2021-08-22 14:39:11

xJaydreamerx Avatar

You’re so very welcome Deyan! I am so glad you like it sM! It was nice to try drawing Wick even if I’m not used to such thin legs, and drawing hearth helped me to learn elephant and mammoth anatomy a bit better! I really love how the grass and moon came out myself so I’m very glad you like it as well! TwT

2021-08-23 00:23:00

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