[Mer : Pir2 : Gift] Prerace Prep

In Events ・ By Howee, Inkcess
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[Mer : Pir2 : Gift] Prerace Prep
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In Events ・ By Howee, Inkcess

I should type up a blurb.....eh......I almost sketched 13+ fanteles and then Howee reminded me that my scedule is already full....so.....I think this counts as ocean exploration? I loved collabing with Howee, I also love everyone's lil elephants

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Submitted: 9 months agoLast Updated: 9 months ago

Howee: Color, shading and detail on characters
Inkcess: sketch, background and character lines
Deyan: Gift For
Mouse: Gift For
mewhaku: Gift For
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

This is such an adorable scene, thank you so much for including Bath in it!!! I really love their eyes and tail, here! And I'm so glad they get some soothing snuggles!! Also, I LOVE the shading and background on this! Wonderful!! <333

2020-12-12 04:59:24

Inkcess Avatar
Inkcess Staff Member

Thank you! I'm glad you like it - Howee is a joy to collab with

2020-12-14 00:20:48

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