[Gift] Clavel and Dee

In Quest Entries ・ By Howee
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[Gift] Clavel and Dee
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In Quest Entries ・ By Howee

Getting spooked by a mouse

Submitted By Howee for Mi and Li Islands QuestView Favorites
Submitted: 3 years agoLast Updated: 3 years ago

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
AWWWW startled birb babies!!! They've been done a startle! Gosh this is so cute, thank you so much for including Clavel in such an adorable interaction! I LOVE Clavel and Dee's big surprised eyes, here, and Dee hiding behind Clavel is just the CUTEST!! Plus, the muted background colors are really pleasing, and those mouse whiskers are precious! Thank you friend!! <333

2021-01-01 01:54:41

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