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Hello there, everyone! I have been hard at work catching bugs and adding new features, which will ecome active as soon as I have enough time for that! The following features have been added:

  • Character Pairings (Soon the making of blossoms will be automatic!)
  • Dailies (Think of Neopets dailies, fun stuff to do everyday for a chance at prizes!)
  • Fetch Quest (You know all those items you don't want? You can keep them for when they are asked here, turn they in and get some fairy coins back!)
  • Safety Deposit Box (Want to be sure you don't turn in a item by mistake? Keep it safe at the SDB)
  • Repeating Prompts (It's more of a backend stuff but it means I can automate holidays to happen every year at the same time, so more stuff for you all to do during the hiatuses of events!)
  • Dev logs (This thing here! It allows me to tell you what I have been doing in the backend! You can turn off the dev logs at your settings page! Normal releases will still be announced at the news!)
  • Levels and Stats (New rewards unlocked by participating on activities and prompts and getting experience points! Magic will be transfered to the Stats system as well!)

What is to come:

  • Collections (Gather related items and turn they in for prizes!)
  • Fixing the bug with the items page not showing!


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